Monday, October 19, 2009

15" MacBook Pro battery is failing after just 9.5 months (damn you Apple)

I'm not an Apple loyalist. I don't think they make either the best or the most innovative products. I do like that they've managed to do certain things that other vendors haven't been apt or adept enough to do. Yes; Apple does incessantly boast about the most minute of accomplishments. This makes it difficult for the layperson to determine which of their marketing fluff points is actually worth all of the hype. Hype is what Apple wants   you to be interested in. They don't even hide it (well).

Recently Apple's been hyping their Laptops and the great battery life. Well today After 9.5 months the battery in my (new Aluminum Uni-Body) 15" MacBook Pro is crashing. By crashing I mean that it's only lasting for about 1/3 of the advertised 5 - 6 hours of  life on a full charge.

It started last week when I'd noticed on the train (during my morning commute) that my battery meter was atypically low. When I got to the office I plugged in my laptop and left it charging for about 9 hours straight. At the end of the work day I left, hoped on the train and noticed that the estimated life on the meter was 1 hour 47 minutes. I decided to deal with it for the rest of the week. On Friday I let the battery drain and did the calibration they recommend on the apple support site. Saturday (after the 8 - 9 hour process) I got the same results as before 1 hour 47 minutes of battery life. So I decided to try it again. No go, still only 1 hour 47 minutes. Now I can either choose to either try to get by online 1 hour 47 minutes at a time or fork over $130 for a new battery hoping that it will live up to the hype.

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