Religion & Politics

I don't want to get all high and mighty about my beliefs. I think everyone has a right to their own opinions and the right to not be accosted because of them.

Here are a few of my positions:


Licensing Preferences
  • Simplified BSD and/or MIT
  • Apache License
  • GPL (not really a fan)
  • LGPL (not really a fan)


    • ed, sed, ex and/or vi
    • VIM (is't not 'real' vi but it is nice to have)
    • Emacs (meh. I am forcing myself to use it (more))
    • TextMate (meh.. although I am waiting for 2.0 to come out)
    • nano/pico (no.. I never use these)

      Scripting Languages (system)
      • Shell
        • Posix/OpenGroup multi-shell compatible scripting
        • ksh93 (best speed, great features)
        • ksh88 (it's mature)
        • zsh (great features)
        • mksh (nice mix of size, speed and features)
        • bash (not really a fan)
      • AWK
        • mawk (it's fast but has some peculiarities)
        • nawk/bwk (the one true awk)
        • gawk
      • Python (2.6.2 and up)
      • Lua (5.14 and up)
      • JavaScript
        • V8
        • Rhino
        • SpiderMonkey
      • Ruby (not really a fan)
      • Perl (not really a fan.... (sorry Randal) )

              Desktop Environments/Window Managers (for *nix)

              • KDE (for higher end machines) / XFCE (for others)
              • Awesome (yay lua!!!)
              • RatPoison/Stump, Ion and wmii
              • FVWM2 (back when I had the time to hack configs for weeks at a time)
              • AfterStep (back when I had the time to hack configs for weeks at a time)
              • GNOME (really NOT a fan)
                Operating Systems (Servers)
                • FreeBSD
                • OpenBSD or DragonFly BSD (depending on purpose)
                • OpenSolaris (I hope it survives)
                • Minix3 (it's nice and tight)
                • GNU/Linux
                  • Debian (the most tolerable of the linux server OSs IMNSHO)
                  • Ubuntu LTS (meh..I'll deal with it if I have to)
                  • Gentoo (not too stable but much more tolerable than others)
                  • Slackware (my first linux 'distro' back in 1995 thanks to the copy i borrowed from Julian Koh)
                  • CentOS/RHEL (extreme dislike)
                Operating Systems (Desktop)
                • OS X (BSD tool chain AND a great UI)
                • PC-BSD (it'd be higher if I could get DropBox working with it)
                • Linux (most Linux Distros annoy me (not a fan of the GNU user-land)
                • Haiku and Syllable (expiremental ... I miss BeOS)
                • ReactOS (meh...expiremental)
                • MS Windows (If I can get cygwin installed it's almost bearable in small doses) 
                  • Mutt (yes it's that good)
                  • Elm
                  • KMail
                  • ThunderBird
                  • AlPine
                  • Evolution (don't really use it much)
                  • (OSX and IOS) (annoys me to no end)
                  • Outlook (don't make me laugh)
                  • Chrome
                  • w3m
                  • Firefox
                  • Safari
                  • links
                  • lynx
                    Terminal Emulators
                    • xterm
                    • iTerm (on OSX)
                    • rxvt
                    • Konsole
                    • PuTTY (not really a fan)