Saturday, July 11, 2009


CAWK (Cawk's Another Web Kit) is a web framework written in AWK that is soon to be under development. When we started working on it we discovered that we needed a better way to manage file inclusions than the '-f' command line option. We decided to write our own pre-processor and package it with the custom libraries that we were developing.  That project grew into two separate projects. The first being BangCAWK (so named for the 'shebang' line that it replaces), the pre-processor, the second being CAWKLib, the library of functions.

Writing code that others may use is vexing and trying On the one hand you'd like for others to be able to use your code if it can help them out. On the other hand you've now got to now make it better documented, more readable, and robust so that people who decide to pick it up don't either shoot themselves in the foot or want to shoot you (in the head).

We're trying to balance the development of the features that we need with implementing things in a logical and consistent manner for people who may choose to reuse what we produce. I don't know how well we're doing that but you can decide for you self by checking it out @

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